Author of the Hidden Crown


Ex parvis sæpe magnarum momenta rerum pendent..

Map extract

What would have happened if William of Normandy had lost the Battle of Hastings? What kind of nation would have been born if King Harald of Norway had conquered England instead? How different our history could have been if the wind had blown in the other direction for just one day in the summer of 1066.

The world of Northland and Ængland is an imagined alternate universe. It is not what I believe would have definitely happened, had the events described above actually occurred. Yet it is a world I wish to create, describe and share: a world both familiar and yet unknown and fantastical, two countries in which anything can still happen. The Northland series will tell the history of an England that never was.

I will share information about the world of Northland not found in the published novels. This will include maps, family trees and other random bits of alternate history. Please follow the links below or use the menu bar above.